Thursday, April 21, 2011

Living in the Brownfield

Crosswalks in the Crosshairs - Always residing on the “creative class” side of the tracks, Clint Newton of Spillman Farmer Architects took these amazing photos recently that captured an interesting microcosm of material surfaces…

“I always carry a camera because the best shots are often spontaneous.  Art is all around us, sometimes just beneath our feet. This photo was taken in early spring. The salt that was left from the last snow of winter crystallized on the rubber curb warning mats in the sidewalk. Rain was on its way and the pattern was soon to be gone”.

Living in the Brownfield

FLICKR TRACKS - Fusing my interest in art, architecture, and social aspects of urban culture I started a flickr group to track the emerging arts and cultural district at steelstacks.  Located on the former site of the Bethlehem Steel and anchored by the Spillman designed artsQuest performing arts center this area will grow to become a model of small town urban development.  The Flickr group will grow and become it’s own social network and track the development of the site – join in the conversation!  Or just post photos like I do - Bill


BRICK - Brick is the oldest manmade material in the history of building. I am particularly fond of the brickwork of ancient Persian and Byzantine architecture.  What happens when you throw caution to the wind with conventional brick coursing for the rediscovery of the material itself –clay and the process of brick making.

For more on the brick and the building process see the video here