Friday, May 31, 2013

Living in the Brownfield - Jessica Bandy | Bethlehem, USA

“A quiet town in eastern Pennsylvania, Bethlehem was headquarters of the Bethlehem Steel Corporation, a 96-year-old company that provided steel for the nation, from the Empire State Building to the Golden Gate Bridge. In 1995, it ceased production and in 2001, it declared bankruptcy. While parts of the vast complex remain abandoned, service industries are moving in, and the site has become a tourist destination. Jessica Bandy examines the life cycle of Bethlehem from different generational points of view.” Excerpt from the School of the Visual Arts website


We had the pleasure of hosting Jessica Bandy numerous times throughout the last year as she gathered the raw material for her thesis project in the “lens arts” program of the School of the Visual Arts (SVA).  We’re thrilled to see the screening announced and hope that you’ll support the arts and the artist by spreading the word about this great project. I have not seen all of the images and video, but I do know that Bob Spillman and my dad, Bill Deegan, had cameo’s and got to tell their stories about life in and around the Bethlehem Steel Plant. 

Great working with you Jessica, congrats on the project and the MFA – Bill.
all images copyright Jessica Bandy