Thursday, February 9, 2012

Living in the Brownfield - Industrial Architecture Part 1

Our office is located on a 1000-acre site that was the former home the to Bethlehem Steel Corporation.  The site still contains many of the iconic structures that define the architecture of the industrial revolution in America.  Over the next few days we'll be sharing some imagery of those buildings, but today we wanted to explore industrial scale and the current condition of the site.

Spillman Farmer Architects is currently working "one of the largest speculative industrial projects under way in the U.S."  for Liberty Property Trust as noted in the Wall Street Journal's Deal of the Week | by Maura Webber Sadovi .  Her article, titled "A Steel Site is Recycled", explained the scale of the project in numbers as "1.2 million square feet" of space.  Our project, item #1 above, can be viewed in context
of the overall site.  Some interesting facts below to help set the scale of the structure :

1.  You could fit 62 offices the size of our own within the structure - see item #2.
2.  If the project was an open office space you could have 26,530 people in cubicles.
3.  If you wanted to host an indoor soccer tournament you could play 60 games at the same time, thats    
     a lot of soccer!

More next week on the exisitng structures that surround our office and are still in use today by Lehigh Heavy Forge.

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