Thursday, March 15, 2012

Living in the Brownfield – Page67 by Lynette Jackson

Social media, image creation, photography and software are converging at an unforeseen rate that even Steve Jobs would have been awestruck by.  Exploiting this rich seam of convergence, one creative genius has caught our eye on Instagram.  Lynette Jackson, aka "p67_bylynettejackson", is photographing, designing, publishing, and distributing the 21C architectural monograph, all via her iphone.    

Her work is published in series, we call it a quad, the series introduces the subject, tells the viewer what to look at, points out the detail of construction, and directs us to notice the craft and skill that are commonly overlooked in the built environment.  Her work is parallel to the process of creating construction documents, each image changing scale, viewpoint and stressing the vital information for the viewer to  construct a new world, in that sense Lynette Jackson is an architect of the highest caliber.

Lynette creates architecture out of the world found all around us.  Her critical eye captures the essence of a structure and clinically remixes it, examining and dissecting the subject through a series of visual critiques that rely on her mastery of photography, connoisseurship, graphics, and architecture.

Architecture resides at the fertile intersection of site, system, material, and detail.  Lynette exploits all of these vital components in the creation of her images, which are distributed globally through her bi-weekly feed.  The sheer joy of seeing her posts is similar to that nostalgic moment when the quarterly subscription arrived in the post with architectural imagery of exotic projects & locales.

You can see and learn more about Lynette and her work through the following links - as always we advocate supporting the arts and the artist by becoming a patron!  


  1. Thanks for the tip.

    1. Thanks for running with it John. we really appreciate the mention and we're glad to see Lynette's work spreading through the internet. You wrote a fantastic post and really picked some stunning images!