Monday, April 16, 2012

Living in the Brownfield - Industrial Architecture

"80 feet shy of a mile if you walk the perimeter of the structure" was the last thing I remember hearing as we approached the site at Lehigh Valley Industrial Park VII (LVIP-7).  

East View - short side of structure, panel erection to the far right rear.
Last week we got to head out to the field to observe and research the techniques of concrete construction, an ongoing study that we've been conducting at Spillman. 

East View - concrete panel pour at slab edge.
We'd like to give special thanks to the teams at Allied Construction and for allowing us to come and see their teams in action.

South View - long side of the structure with one mile perimeter.

North View - Concrete panel pour at slab edge.
We'll be doing a further update on the material, process and product section about the potentials that we see available in the exploitation of this type of construction system - stay tuned and if you visit make sure you're wearing comfortable boots!

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