Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Living in the Brownfield - IG Meet

So what happens when the virtual (instagram) becomes real (person with a camera)?  Find out Saturday morning at the inaugaral IG Meet to be held at the ArtsQuest Center at SteelStacks.  

It's bound to be a fun morning meeting all the people that you've interacted with online.  We're super excited here because we get to show off all our "secret spots" to a bunch of talented people, some coming from great distance to attend the event.

We created some graphic announcements to get the word out to the online community.  These collaborations were based around an original photo that was sent to me by Leah Flickinger, a stunning example of her straight up style that can be found online at her "@leahflick" username.

The first two collaborations were a loose attempt at a play on the "exquisite corpse" strategy of dealing with a three way collaboration accross the wires.   Leah's original was divided into three and distributed for interpretation and then recombined using the Image Blender app.  The image was hacked by Lea Munjone "@lmunjone" and Bill Deegan "@fac_610" before being given back to Leah for the final edit and post.  You can see the image below.  We're glad some "International Orange" made it into the mix!

The second image was done at the same time as the first collaboration but sat in the archives for a week before we dug it out and incorporated a time change. We were really surprised to find out how many people were driving in for the event, so we let them sleep a bit longer!  The image below is attributed to the same team as the first (leah, lea, bill) with the final mix falling into my hands(bill) this time, the intent was to state the obvious, arrive at 9AM.

The final image of the pre-meet collaboration was a special guest edit of the image above (without the text) 
as envisioned by Vicki Liantonio "@piccolotakesall" with some collaboration in the mix by E "@_elemental_picture".  Vicki's machine gun edit of the image obliterated the original and created an entirely new image that contains a certain "Hatch Show Print" energy, a perfect reference for a brownfield site that is being transformed into a post-industrial cultural district by the City of Bethlehem and ArtsQuest.

All of the original artwork and photography in this post was created and edited entirely on the iphone and can be found on the Instagram feeds of @leahflick @lmunjone @piccolotakesall @_elemental_picture @fac_610.  Also, check out their own unique take on the world, these feeds contain some top quality images.  Looking forward to meeting some of the collaborators for the first time this Saturday!

some links to the collaborators:

some details on where to meet, further info on this can be found at:

this graphic from the ArtsQuest website has it correct - meet where it says "park here"!


  1. Replies
    1. thanks leah! nice work on the image creation and getting the word out!

  2. what apps were used to create these ads?

    1. Hi Sean,

      Running behind on replies, thanks for your patience with me.
      The images were created using: snapseed, image blender, phonto, and squareready. There was a wee bit of decim8 used in the images as well.

      Hope that helps, really intuitive apps.

      thanks for checking out the blog - Bill

    2. Bill, I also used PhotoForge2 on mine. :)

    3. Hey Sean - well there you go, information straight from the artist to you! Keep your eyes open for another post that goes further in depth about the work going on at Piccolo Takes All.

      Thanks V, appreciate that!

  3. great post bill! nice to get a peek into your world. LOVE the graphics here, fantastic collaborations.

    1. hi gwen!!!

      Thanks so much for stoping in, I really appreciate it. I've got another IG post coming out in the next month...should be an interesting one, I'll let you know when it drops.

      Thanks again - Bill