Friday, August 3, 2012

Living in the Brownfield – MusikFest 2012: Spillman on Tap at Young the Giant

As part of our community service and continued support of the ArtsQuest mission, the team from Spillman Farmer will be volunteering their services and expertise (read, serving beer!) on opening night of MusikFest 2012 at the Young the Giant show.

Come out and see the show and ask us about our “made by spillman” program that we’ll be featuring tonight on some custom t-shirts.  “made by spillman” is the moniker for our ventures into design/build, graphics, and furniture production.

This year the MusikFest Café is open FREE to the public throughout MusikFest 2012, if you have not seen a show here yet now’s the time to do it….a perfect marriage of sound and vision (the view is to die for!).  Go Fest Yourself people and enjoy free live music in one of the premier cultural destinations in the nation.

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