Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Living in the Brownfield - Wright Stuff, Wrong Idea

"It’s hard to say which is more startling. That a developer in Phoenix could threaten — by Thursday, no less — to knock down a 1952 house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. Or that the house has until now slipped under the radar, escaping the attention of most architectural historians, even though it is one of Wright’s great works, a spiral home for his son David. "

excerpt of Michael Kimmelman's
article for the New York Times 
"Wright Masterpiece Is seen In New Light; A Fight For It's Life"
photo of the david and gladys wright house by scott larson
Please sign the petition to save this important building from the wrecking ball, they're not making anymore of these beauties and your signature could make the difference as to wether or not future generations get to experience the genius of a Frank Lloyd Wright design.

NYT article here:

Sign petition here:

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