Monday, February 11, 2013

Speaking of Green - Leed V4

As an active participant in the last Greenbuild conference, I noticed an exciting shift in thinking.  Between Phoenix Greenbuild 2009 to San Fransisco Greenbuild 2012, the dialogue surrounding sustainability issues has shifted from achieving energy efficiency to attaining net-zero energy usage.
It is the USGBC's goal to actively measure and communicate building performance rather than statically display an achievement level. Together with IDEO, the USGBC is creating a dynamic LEED plaque which displays a buildings current performance. This plaque takes into account the buildings metrics as well as the users' behavior.
LEEDv4 strives to reverse our past impacts on the earth. In lieu of energy usage, our future buildings will be generative. Buildings will provide healthy environments where we can live, work, play, and learn; they will produce more energy than they use. Although this sounds like a big leap into the future, the industry tells us it is achievable in the present. Are we ready for this challenge?
LEED Dynamic Plaque by IDEO (left)
Spillman Farmer Architects LEED Gold Office Ceremony with  Current Static Plaques

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