Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Material Process Product - AIA Pennsylvania Firm Award

We are filled with gratitude this month, as we give thanks for a very special kind of Material Process Product: the Spillman Farmer team, collaborators and clients. In this case, the material is our team of critical thinkers, the process is our unending curiosity in finding unique solutions to problems, and the product is the inspiring environments we strive to make.

Our identity is tied to our state, its history, and the industrial roots that continue to influence our practice to this day. Our Firm Award application, much like our buildings, focused on material sensibilities and the human experience. At our core, we are regionalists: we believe that great place-making is reflective of the intricate history, materials, human emotions, and experiences of its site. Our practice, informed by the community we live in, is dedicated to reflecting these details in every site we approach. We have been shaped by the story of our region, and we seek to find those stories in every project.  

We are deeply humbled by the honor AIA Pennsylvania has bestowed on us. The inaugural Firm Award represents an affirmation of nearly a century of achievement. It also represents our continued commitment to growth, improvement, and exploration in the years to come. Today we stand as an 86-year-old startup company with boundless enthusiasm for the clients and projects (past, present, and future) that have enabled us to receive this award.

If you have ever worked with us, thank you. If you have ever criticized, pushed, argued, cheered, supported, or encouraged us, thanks to you too; without our fantastic team of collaborators, we would have no history to honor. This recognition is a testament to the way you continually entrust your resources to us, and that commitment to us is just one more reason to say thanks.

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